As you all know technology advancement has reached almost every sector of our daily lives and transactions, Technology advancement has brought about cashless transactions i.e the exchange of goods without physical cash but digital cash also know as cryptocurrency. 
Cryptocurrency this is a digital asset designed and used as medium of exchange, It my not be generally accepted yet, but to some extent is better than the traditional money we use. No Cryptocurrency uses a strong cryptography to secure User financial transactions. It also controls the creation of additional units and verify transfer of asset. Cryptocurrency works through a decentralized distributed ledger technology, called the blockchain which serve as a public transaction database.
Blockchain is an open, digital ledger that can record transactions between users efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Its prevents the modification of digital information but allow distribution of information.
Smart contracts is a digital transactions protocol that enforces the term of a contract or a negotiations made before the finalization of the contract and it doesn’t involve a third party or an intermediary. The transactions done buy smart contract are credible, easy to track and cannot be tempered with.

Now let me tell you why ethlimited is the best contract platform.
• Ethlimited Smart contracts was created to solve problems associated with the traditional contract law (e. g large fees, too many papers work, human errors.)
• Ethlimited smart contract ensure the rules of the contract are enforced without any tampering.
• Imagine a smart contract vending machine where a crypto coin is tossed in and it does what ever its is instructed to do without modification or tempering. 
• Ethlimited smart contract aims at helping businesses parties get involved in the exchange of goods, property, shares etc. With transperency.
• Ethlimited conducts its contract without involving lawyers, banks or any other body apart from the parties involved.
• Ethlimited is always open to innovative changes that will advance the smart contract platform and boost customer satisfaction. 
• Immutability of transactions, ethlimited transactions can not be modified or temperd with and its hack proof so customers and users can have rest of mind knowing there transactions are save.
• Ethlimited is a decentralized network, that means its not constrained to a location.

Ethlimited road map

I advise you to invest in ethlimited smart contract platform. Here are the token details for Ethlimited 
Token name: Ethereum Limited
• Token symbol: ETHL
• Max supply: 10,000,000
• Decimal: 18
• Token distribution
• Private sales: 800,000
• Pre ICO: 5,000,000
• Airdrop: 500,000
• Bounty: 1,300,000
• Development: 900,000
• Team: 500,000

ICO details

Round 1
• Allocation: 1,000,000tokens
• Minimum purchase of $100 at $0.7 each

Round 2
• Allocation: 1,000,000tokens
• Minimum purchase of $100 at $0.9 each

Round 3
• Allocation: 1,000,000tokens
• Minimum purchase of $100 at $1.10 each

Round 4
• Allocation: 1,000,000tokens
• Minimum purchase of $100 at $1.30 each

Round 5
• Allocation: 1,000,000tokens
• Minimum purchase of $100 at $1.50 each

For more information on ethlimited , please visit any of the following links
• Official website: https://ethlimited.org/
• Whitepaper: https://ethlimited.org/whitepaper.pdf
• Telegram: http://t.me/EthereumLimited
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/EthereumLimited
• Facebook:

Author details:
Name: Imam Alhassan

Bitcoins talk username: Hazzanjay2