Interstellar Rap Lyrics

I’mma, motherfuckin alien ovum
From a planet revolving round Gamma Geminorum
Alhenasaurus throw dem, tyrannosauric potions
That make fuckers fall on the floor and break out into convulsions
My punchlines accelerate gradually like ion propulsion
I’m serious with my flow like I’mma vulcan
I’m star trekking soakin’ in the gamma rays floatin through the universal ocean
You are not a quotient, I divide matter when I chatter like a frag of plutonium
Accelerated by explosions, compressed until the critical mass is blasted open
I ghostwrite for the best rappers in existence
With a pen that bleeds pestilence and a proboscis that breeds excellence
And fuck your gray matter so well you won’t need sex again
My missiles take my foes out and then seek next of kin
Just to wipe they kind from face of the water that God crept against
You could swear that I’m God’s flesh again come to become president
Just to antichristfully conquer the globe as an objectivist
Light em up in sector six, they revoltin with weapons lit
With the fire inside that will never quit
I’m in with gift of sin helping those outside become relevant
My benevolence is evident as I decline questioning
And stay behind my anonymous microphone unleashin’ the reckonin’
Seeking a septagenarian 70 year old specimen
To fund my path to deficit spending consolidation
To spread peace over the globe and across the nation
I’m like scenery you need to stop and take in
Rewind the track and play again
Just to confirm I’m really as I dope as my flows say I am
Practically a japanese saiyajin, if I unleash on the track the world would
never be the same again.
Rap would become the domain of men and women that decline payment
And do it for self expression rather than the desire to become famous
I won’t pretend that I’m not stained with the same shit that I speak against
But at least I don’t pretend to have an Atlanta accent as an Australian
Fuck Azelea and remember who claimed the win
With just a page and pen: Alhena the Alien

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