Hacking Towards a Hit in Superhero Erotica

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Work of the Day March 12, 2016

Self Help For Psychos Series:

Self Help For Psychos, Narcissists, Psychopaths, Sociopaths

Formula: So you think you’re an x? Go over symptoms, tell stories illustrating personal experience having said symptoms from the inside looking out, explain the evolutionary psychology/game theoretic explanation for the presence within the reader of whichever trait is the topic of the book, then advice on how to embrace it and profit by it in a way that benefits society.

The Down Below Series:

Down Below, Hell Fighter

Formula: Tom Clancy in Hell

The Medieval Bones Series:

Medieval Bones, Bone Boy, The Bone Throne, A Wealth Of Bones, The Bone Knight

Formula: Legend of Zelda if Link and the whole world was obsessed with bones as a design choice.

New Teacher confused for student at school dance

One country decides not to retaliate in mutual assured destruction scenario

People feel your fantasies about them with new headset

Sleeping through the Apocalypse


Bondage Suess

The Girl Witch Curse

The Lustful Alchemist Series:

The Lustful Alchemist

Lustful Alchemy

Orgasm In A Bottle

The Sex Wish Coin: Heads you cum, Tails you’re fucked.

Neural Buzz: Push Button Orgasm Neural Implant Remote Stolen

Telepathic Lust: Telepath Lover Fucks With Her Mind.

Julliane Moore interviews, gets fucked by telepath she wants to recruit to her organization

Sexual Combat

Sexual Boxing

Sexual Jest

Sexual Wrestling

Sexual Gladiator

Sexual Bootcamp

Starship Sex

Love Among The Stars

Lust Among The Stars

Starship Lust

The Lustful Starship

Lust Fighter

The Lust Starfighter

The Lustful Starfighter

The Dirty Old Man

Sex Lessons

Sex Practical

Practical Lust

Pragmatic Lust

Preemptive Lust

Practical Sex

Lust After People

Lust At The End

Lust Without Love

Sex and Other Drugs

With Consent

Without Consent

Beyond Consent


Sex and Superheroes

Superhero Sex Story




Supraman looked over at Wondrawoman across the ruins of Tetrapolis.

The battle was done.

They alone survived.

At their feet, between them.

Their dead bodies lay.

Their friends and foes.

The fallen age.

The world would be different now.

No more heroes.

No more villains.

Just mankind.

And them.

Cain and Alhena.

Cain was the first to move.

Alhena eyes shot wide, preparing herself.

He moved like lightning.

Suddenly, on Payne Tower.

The last remaining spire.

Overlooking the carnage.

He brought me here.

“Well Allie, we did it. We won.”

“Close enough.”

“Mortals shouldn’t fight with Gods.”

“Is that what we are?”

“Close enough.”

With that, he was upon her.

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