Trans Eve: Lyrical Literary Hip Hop

//The following is a work in progress

Trans Eve

by April Carter

The Beat:

Sit down and listen to this biblical vision 
I’m spitting rewritten verses asking God to have mercy
Burdened by this murderous thirst
Got me searching for meat
And pressing emcees into burgers
Roasting them fuckers on the burners

I’m making fuckers see murder
Dispersing words with a purpose
The villages volatile veteran at wrecking these virgin
It’s curtains when I burst into town
On a murder spree flirting 
With winning the mass killing world record with words

I’m breaking out of my learning curve
Learning that I’m a martian
Or from further beyond the stars
Turning seeds into orphans

In strange galaxies lost
Dropping aliens off and
Pouncing on them like a jaguar
Stalking them through darkness

Killing them softly
Showing them the hard way home
The streets that made me crazy
Created my heart of stone

I’m a
Son of Adam turned into a trans Eve
Filled with lyrical talent forbidden fruit man eats
I’m tearing through banshees embarrassed who can’t scream
Filling rooms with wicked fumes till enemies can’t breath
Demolishing industries I’m doing the the damn thing

I’m a dude that can’t sing and bitch that don’t bleed
A perfect medium between Adam and Eve
I could have a baby with a pretty girl that could save us
and being pretty myself we’d have the prettiest babies

Gritty and waiting for hell to arrive to open and name me
As the heir to hades and give me a crown of flames waving
I’m blazing new types of paths through the planetary matrix
Making eight corpses in war had to bury eight heads

Real niggaz stay fed my steel maintains setup
For murdering motherfuckers whom might dare to test it
Giving a pearl necklace to bitches who want treasures
Here, take a pic of my dick in your womb and sell it

My smooth medicine reduce swelling in extremities sending
Blood to the heart and brain trying to save them from ending
The elements that I’m bending got me looking like heavy metal
A splinter in you like Pinocchio dick in Gapeto

I’m lifting rap to new levels
Sold as fiction, literary
Shakespeare on the track
Best lyricist in America
Penning scripts that embarrass ya

Causing dude’s suicides
This ain’t no po’ pimp but it do be do or die
No longer a human I’ve
Become a monster transforming
Undergoing metamorphosis into a stone golem

I’m dropping them boulders on them
Making fuckers lose consciousness
Killing kids with no conscience
Dropping nuclear bombs on them

My mom and them robbed gotham
And murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents
A joker on the microphone 
Killing folks whom embarrassed

American transgender contender for trend setter
I’m bringing metal to metal letting it chemically set up
Dry welding in outer space avoiding blowing my head up
I’m setting up on the stage about to start knocking heads off

A mercenary rapper known as a lyrical sell sword
I’m running from fell whores who trying to get more
Gold pieces from my purse I put dudes in a hearse for
Fuck it I might as well before I get to hell though


//* This was written to the hip hop instrumental “Books of War” by MF Doom and the RZA

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“April Carter once again delivers the magic that is utterly unique to her style. Rough Trick is a shining example of her hip-hop infused, lyrical literary fiction in which she tells a story while making every line a metaphorical punch to the face and the piece as a whole resonate in readers’ minds as a song spun by a virtuoso.” 
-Sabina Sinful, editor @ The Transmeow Book Review (2016)

I’m naked pitching broads down to the ancient ones. 
It’s my job to feed the monsters once a month. 
I bring them cakes and guns and booty shaking c*nts. 
And make them dance for the motherf*ckers under the sun.

“Hip-Hop writer April Carter delivers a lyrical powerhouse of a book set to a beat unlike any wordsmith the world has ever known. Performed by transgender female adult film actress, content creator and rapper Alhena Adams, Ms. Carter’s lyrics are reminiscent of the hard hitting, methodical rhymes not seen since for 20 years.” 
-Allison Mobley, The TransMeow Book Review 2016-

Tell the story only you can 
That you can’t stand 
To become public knowledge 
And polish it till it’s honest 
And tell the truth that all of us 
Know is two fold 
Brighter days are waiting 
But the wait is too cold

What if the film “Taken” had been set in a fantasy world, and the story was written to be told by modern day bard, and that, to a hip hop beat? The answer is The Taken Tome of Tsagatar, the third installment in the experimental high fantasy series, The Canticle of Champions.

“ I was on mission to kill a little lord, rumor had it he’d hidden himself in the lands, beyond the wall.”

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