Have you ever fallen in love?

In a class, we were all discussing what love is. The professor was going on and on about it. To be honest, in 17 years of my entire existence, I have never believed in love. So basically everything he was saying sounded rubbish to my ears.

He might have noticed my lack of attention and motioned at me to get up.

"Ms. Alana, have you ever fallen in love", he asked with a serious tone, making me cautious not to ignore his question.

I stood there stunned. Not knowing how to reply, I took my time to ponder over the question.

After sorting my thoughts I stated, "Yes sir, I have."

He seemed interested and asked me to carry on.

"Yesterday I woke up with cramps in my back. I had your project to complete and it exhausted me", I stated matter-of-factly. Everyone laughed at me but I found nothing funny. Not paying them any attention, I carried on.

"I needed something to make me happy. Carrying myself up from bed after much effort, I exited my room. I was in no mood to cook something for breakfast, so I just sat on the dinning table."

"Suddenly my eyes fell on 'him' sitting on the table. Sparks began to fly even as the corners of my lips lifted high. I couldn't control my excitement and started screaming with happiness. The world around me didn't matter. I was just focused on him. I realized in that moment that I have fallen in love. I was never the one to believe in love but I felt it then. It was true. People do fall in love! So yes, I have fallen in love sir", I finished softly.

"Can I ask who was sitting on your table?" the professor asked, smiling at me.

Oops! Forgot to mention.

“I then picked up a slice of bread and stared at the love of my life. Mr. Nutella! I took him out of the jar and spread him on the bread. And believe me, no one has ever made me moan harder than him", I finish ecstatically.

Everyome burst out laughing at me, probably finding the love-of-my-life funny. But I am not ashamed of whom I love!

"Ms. Alana, detention for a week.”