Idle mind is devil’s workshop

Settled by the window I stared out to thee beautiful weather crying upon the ground. Inhaling the smell of the rain I sipped onto mine hot latte, my mind filled a myriad of thoughts.

And then I heard her say, "Ash, Idle's mind is a devil's workshop. Do something useful." If only I didn't carried a possession over my latte, it would be burning her face, satisfying me. Yea, some anger issues I got.

There is this cite heard by the most of us, from H.G. Bohn's "Hand-book of proverbs" 1855:

"Idle's mind is a devil's workshop."

After reciting this, what kind of thoughts unfold in your sagacity, leaving you to a certain conclusion?

That you shouldn't sit idle and be reserved with your work for infinity? Or else your mind will start producing negative thoughts and that cogitation will provoke you? Further the provocation will lead you to commit a great unforgivable sin. Correct?

This was basically the concept that was taught to me since the time I developed my senses and I blindly kept believing it. But suddenly an inexplicable concept wavered my mind.

Well the thing is that I don't quite agree with this cite 'consummately'. Neither am I standing with Kalashnikov Ak 47 in my hand ready to kill those who perceive it the way I mentioned before(with the condition if I don't hate you). Everyone has their own unique way of thinking and understand.

Now I would like to share my perception and it is up to you to decide for yourself, the meaning behind this quote.

Don't you sometimes feel the need to get rid of your work and have an empty mind just to think for yourself? Like, where are you going with your life? Whatever you have been up to, where does it leads you?

On a rainy day or at the time of snowfall, don't you feel like having a cup of tea and just staring out of window, your mind filled with just some personal thoughts.

Don't you plan a vacation after working for months as a get away? To what, work on a vacation?

What do people do when they need to plan a career? I'm taking a year off, reserved with just few diploma courses.

What do you to get away from your tangled problems?

What do people do to organise their work?

How is politics played by the politicians? (Excluding Trump coz he thinks less and speaks more)

Where does the plot of a story comes into writers mind?

Why is it said to plan your work before the event?

I guess we 'need' to think for all of these above questions.

It is believed that an idle's mind fills up with negative thoughts leading to the wrong path.

The think is, that maybe your mind would fill up with random thoughts but is it always negative? Don't you ever build a positive thought that would motivate and encourage you?

Your mind maybe filled with utterly useless thoughts or it may be filled innovative and ingenious concepts that could lead you to a wiser action.

I feel that the quote was taken a bit roughly then it should be. Maybe the writer didn't mean the way people perceive. It is a quote build with his thoughts and he has every right to play with the words. But what did we espy?

I read this explanation by an anonymous person and it was stated,"When kept water stagnant, there is a lot of algae."

Um... Too bad we are humans and we can't run away from nature. Have you heard of someone who never had a thought?

We have between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute, per person.

Are you sure these thoughts are all positive without a single negativity in it?

And how would we recognise our own self if we don't let our thoughts overcome our mind?

I believe that the devil mentioned in the quote is the 'real you'. You may have a myriad of negative thoughts but do you always act upon it. Doesn't the word control means nothing?

I believe that the thoughts and action depends upon the person and the ongoing situation faced by him/her.

Now, I'm not asking you to always be idle and do nothing except thinking. I would like to explain it in a simpler way.

"Balanced idleism is idealism"

You may agree upon it or you may not. That is up to you and the way you discern.

Now I would like to excuse myself and have a cup of tea, enjoying the nature with some of my random thoughts.