Khudi and Self Learning

Edhi sahab (a famous humanitarian) used one of the principles of Amal called “amal” to start working for the betterment of society. He started his journey with only 1 paisa and then after so many year of dedication he was able to build the best ambulance system, orphan houses, hospitals,schools and many more. I can relate his principle of just to myself too. I am doing chemical engineering and 6 months ago i found myself to be more comfortable in learning programming which is totally a different field from chemical engineering. I was self-motivated and i wanted to make myself proficient in programming so i started learning. Each day was a motivation for me to learn more. I lacked couching, relevant community, approach to the seniors but i didn’t lose hope. By just starting what i wanted to do i was able to learn three major programming languages: HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap3 in 4 months. The journey was slow but full of knowledge. I haven’t stopped learning and never will and it will be my lifelong learning.

Ultimate goal was to be the best web developer of era and still it is. I want this because i am very generous to poor and always feel pity on seeing the financial condition to lower class people. There are people who don’t even beg. If i am able to achieve my goal then i’ll be able to feed thousands of people, reduce the child labor and ultimately increase the literacy rate of my beloved country by donation. Lack of guidance,couching, exposure, poor personal representation are real challenges which i am facing and i’ll overcome these challenges in near future.

i learnt most of the programming from YouTube, google and other online courses providers. i had to punctual and dedicated toward my learning because gap in learning could cause gap in knowledge and skills. I learnt to be patient and self- learning through online learning.I’ll be learning more about web development and move on to the networking.

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