There is a no free lunch. It’s means you can’t achieve anything without struggle. You must do some work if you want to reach at specific post or specific rank. Hard work can lead us to a new level of life. If we read about the life of successful persons the story will tell us how they struggle from zero to hundred. It will teach you how they manage while they were facing difficulties and after that they enjoy the fruit of their difficulties when it turns into success.

I want to do internship in Bakrey oil trading company and want to know how they work. For this desire I made plan to drop my CV in person. So, I reached the Bakrey office before going to office I did research about the company about their management and specially about HR department, So I got some information about the company. When I tried to cross the gate then gatekeeper stops me from entering in the office then I tell him that I am here to drop my CV in person and then he asks tell the person name whom you want to drop the CV then I tell HR manager name I want to meet Mian Bilal. After that he allow me to go.

If I didn’t research about the company then would be the gatekeeper didn’t allow me to enter in the office. The next challenge is for me how I find that person and what I do to get internship. After some hard work I find the HR office and knock the door and enter in the office. And met with HR manager and had nice discussion then he ask why do you want get internship here and what will you get from this. I hesitate little bit gives the correct answer. In whole scenario one thing is wrong my dress was not up to mark I feel ashamed when I am at office. So, I decided to make a rule if want to go anywhere first focus on will be dress.

The information about the company helps me to get internship but I realized I have to do some more work about the research of the company. InshAllah I prepare more in next time when I go to any office for job or internship


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