Why Should I Use a Marketing Agency?

It’s tempting to go it along for your marketing. If you are a micro business that is not yet self-sustaining, it might be a necessity. If you’re a bit larger, you might be tempted to hire someone inhouse. You might even have yourself convinced that it would be cheaper to have someone on staff rather than use an agency. Before considering do-it-yourself or in-house marketing, ask yourself the following questions.

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Do I have the time for do-it-yourself marketing?
Again, if your business is a very small start-up that isn’t self-sustaining, you may have to utilize do-it yourself marketing techniques. But, if your business is self-sufficient, it is likely to grow more rapidly. At that point, spending your time on the day-to-day needs tasks will tend to help your business scale more quickly.

Do I have the necessary skills?
The answer to this question is almost always no. No one person, even in an agency, generally has all the skills. The best agencies utilize website developers, SEO specialists, social media specialists, email marketing specialist, and maybe even market research specialists, marketing strategists, graphic designers, and SEO copywriters. While your plan can be custom made to suit your needs, you do want to have multiple strategies available for your marketing plan.

How fast do I want to scale?
While some people do not wish their business to get bigger and don’t have any intention to grow, many companies want to scale very quickly. More likely, this will become possible with great marketing. Marketing agencies know how to leverage your marketing for quicker growth than is possible with do-it-yourself marketing or a limited marketing plan based on the skills you have available. Marketing agencies can often come up with other great ideas that you probably wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

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Do I have the creativity?
While you may have the creativity in one area, it is improbable that you have creativity for all the different facets. Most people I know might be creative in graphic arts or writing, but generally not in both. Finding keywords that genuinely help your business grow is, in itself, a creative endeavor. And, do you know how to best utilize those keywords for optimal results. Website design is yet another skill that requires creativity. Do you have the creative juices for all these different areas?

Do I want to increase my ROI?
Utilizing all these skills well increases your ROI. Getting noticed in search engines improves results. Professional ad managers are trained to decrease your cost-per-click and increase your conversion rates thus increasing your return on investment. These savings can add up while improving your bottom line.

Can I afford not to use a marketing agency?

In conclusion, the benefits of using a marketing agency make more sense than either of the options for most businesses. Rodexo is a full-service agency with plans customized to your business, be it small or large. We are focused on results. Call us today!

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