#Just start Project


A persanaliy i am going to discuss is a persanality that we have lost is a person which i think come in this universe for help others and for kindness. the person who comes to give the message of humanity to our new generation the person who do everything for his nation and for he people just for their help not for any others thing. the person the legend name is “ABDUL SATTAR EDHI” who start his carrer by seeling the pensil and do each and every thing to help others. Edhi sb buy a van for ambulance service and he drives the van and when he think that he has no money for the maintanace of the van so he also work in a workshop to learn that how to repair it by its own.


the peocess of amal felloship is i think same like as what the edhi sb think to do alike. Edhi sb is a best exmple of hardworking from his life what i personally see is just one thing that is hardworking which he do all the times where it is. as edhi sb said:

“Never take anyone’s death to heart Bilquis. Remember God by the equality with which He implements it. Nobody is different, the richest to the poorest, from here to the end of the globe face it equally. What an example of equality.”

“Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.”

#JUST_START: Discuss my life:

At the age of 9,10 years i have a problem that i don't go to any others washroom except my home so my father was in Dubai do papa call our to Dubai so when till from Pakistan we go to the air port then sit in plane so i need to go to washroom but i don't know what happens to me i don't feel comfortable to go any other washroom so i don't tell my mother that i need to go to the washroom so i control my self and sit quietly so then finally we reach to Dubai go to my father apartment so still i need to go but not to go because of this i felt a stomach problem after the problem help from the day i go to any washroom when i need to go.

My goal is so many but i discuss here which means me a lot so the first one is my goal is to do my master study in abroad with full of scholarship and also get a job in abroad country. so now my graduation is completed and i am fully trying everywhere that i am select and change my goal to achievement.

My second goal is to speak fluently with my friends, fellows and family members in any language they need to talk with me because of stammering problem with me so when i am in stress so i cannot speak fluently because of pressure into me so i cannot be elaborate well so my goal is to overcome the stress and pressure i take.

My third goal is to serve the humanity in every scene not with money also with fulfilling their needs of every type. need to find the peoples who cannot tell to others that they were poor and have nothing to eat my goal is to serve them.

My fourth goal is to take care of my parents by serving them by caring them by fulfilling their dreams by giving them the happiness feeling the are expecting from me. i want to care them alike they care of mine from my childhood to till now because if they don't do such that care of my so now where i am is not here where i m now where i m planning to go each and everything in my personality now i give this all credit to my parents they are the one because of them i am here now.

My Fifth goal is i want to be a motivational speaker i think i ave the ability to motivate the peoples i think i have the sprite to peoples think in the direction where they want to be i think i can wake up the people for their goals to achieve i think i can create the passion into them that they think that nothing is impossible in life and go ahead to complete that.

So i wish i can achieve my goals in future all i describe above i am hopeful to fulfill them in my life and after fulfilling i feel happiness in mine that what i say i do as by amal and khudi motto.