Better Android Intents with Dart & Henson
Daniel Molinero Reguera

Is it just me, or the fact that every activity or fragment constantly needing to inject stuff is getting out of hand. If I use ButterKnife, Dagger and Dart, then I have to pass my classes to three different dependency injection frameworks and on top of that expect that every other engineer on the project will be able to keep what dependency is being injected from where, straight in their head.

Having these inject lines all over the code violates my principle of not wanting to do this. There must be a way to build a plugin to Dagger so that it can pass your classes to other dependency injection frameworks rather than having to do one by one. Yes, I appreciated that this would make it harder to determine where dependencies are being injected from, and that frameworks may be called when not needed. But at least it’ll make it look like 1 dependency injection framework instead of three.

Not sure if this makes sense or is workable, however, I’ve raised a request on Dagger 2’s Github page. Feel free to add a reaction or up-vote (if there is such a thing).

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