ways to tackle stress condition

sometime in life, a situation comes which is very worst and we think our life has been ruined completely. At that situation there is no light around us. we feel very worst. same moment comes in my life 4 months ago when my Father died due to cardiovascular disease. This incident happen suddenly i have no idea that this will be happen with me.

Then i was very sad and no idea comes to me what to do next. My degree is about to complete and at this point i cannot leave studies. Financial problem also arises.

Every moment i think negatively. I was very depressed. Then i listened Qasim Ali Shah he tells some tips to get rid from negative thinking.

Always pay gratitude to Allah because Allah loves you 70 times more then your mother.

Take the problems which you faced and thinking about it in positive aspects.

Think you will learn a lot by facing this problem

so, i simply applied these simple tips and get rid from negative thinking God opens doors for me and now every thing is well.