Mirror I don’t know why I’m selected this name but I think that when we want to see ourselves then we need a mirror so if you want to know how people interested in you you should see yourself in a mirror and ask a question can I am interested in myself if your answer is in between then you should focus on your activities and behavior and try to change your habits if you change yourself. Everyone want and need a lot attraction want to famous but how it is possible only by others people what the others people think about you and what you think about the peoples? According to Dale Carnegie:

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

In his book the key word in all of this, however, is “genuine.” I think that’s really important. Carnegie himself puts it best:

“The principles taught in this book will work only when they come from the heart. I am not advocating a bag of tricks, I am talking about a new way of life.”
I think that we should focused on others what they do and want to do next in life if you want that other people interested in you then you should take interest in them when you take an interest in others you build their confidence and self-esteem, you make them feel important, valued, and worthwhile. Let someone know that they matter and watch them respond positively to your opinions, thoughts, and recommendations.

So you can show your interest in others by whether you’re meeting them for the first time or when you speak, look at them. Use that time to make them feel like they’re important. Using a person’s name in all forms of communication makes them feel acknowledged as an individual.Respond to what the person tells you by paraphrasing back what you heard and reacting em-pathetically. Avoid responding in parrot-like fashion. That’s insulting and shows that you’re not really engaged. Actively listen for both what is said and the underlying feelings you observe. Encourage others and watch their spirits lift, their self-confidence rise, and their efforts soar. Support them and they’ll support you.Simply saying something nice about someone your impact on them will go further than you might imagine and can lead to unexpectedly positive results. A quick phone call to check in on someone or a card or letter sent through the post shows that you care enough to say, “Hi. I’m thinking of you.” Asking questions shows that you’re interested.When you acknowledge someone you’re letting them know you value them and think they’re important.

In order to earn respect you’ve got to show respect. Remembering people’s names, showing consideration for their time and space, valuing them as individuals are a few ways of showing others that you respect them. Gossiping, acting inconsistently, and acting in a false manner is disrespectful and won’t earn you any brownie points. The more respect you give, the more respect you gain.Remember special events in people’s lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are times to let someone know you’re interested enough in them to take the time to acknowledge milestones in their lives. Let someone know you’re interested in what’s important to them and they’ll show an interest in what’s important to you.

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