Outdoor session with Amal family

We have spent 11 weeks in indoor sessions and the last week session, as according to schedule of Amal academy we spent it outdoor.

We all fellows decided that we will go for lunch and outdoor recreations, so I and Javed , Alishba was nominated as management. Every fellow had different idea about the place for lunch and outdoor recreations, but I persuade all the fellows, that the Fortress Stadium and Bundu khan hotel is the best one for Lunch, because I personally have some good experience in this restaurant. So, despite of busy schedule I had, I and Javed went there and reserved the place for lunch.

I and all fellow enjoyed too much that I can’t explain here my emotions. It was superb day for us. The most surprising thing was that, despite of papers all the fellow joined the session and participated more than that, what we expecting.

We all fellow tired from the project works, online courses and other activities. This session was the remedy of all the tiredness and boar that we felt in indoor sessions.

we have enjoyed it a lot because, It was like a family lunch and fortress visit, I have share my emotions with my fellows, that I have about the fellowship, thanked to those who helped and support me during fellowship. First thanked to our beloved teachers, without their support and courage I couldn’t be productive, as I am, and fellows like Fidaa Aslam, Alishba, Ayesha (the incredible fellows) and Javed Hameed(my best friend). They all support me and during fellowship, so it was better place to thanked all of them.

Fortress Group

The lesson I learned from this session is management that I did with the collaboration of Javed, the gratitude that fellows expressed with their thanked one’s, understanding with the fellow and learned from their understanding, the respect that we all showed during the session and much more.

At the end, I was emotional that I have to leave my beloved fellow, but I feel happy, when I think that we spent a very exemplary fellowship and can be connected through social media.

Amal Circle # 4 Group Photo
Bundu Khan Restaurant Fortress
Fortress Stadium
Selfie of Amal Batch 40 With PM Sir Ibrahim
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