“Simplicity is the only beneficial way of life” ..“ I can begin small, But why should i think small”

Edhi sb only like simplicity he always gave preference to others instead of himself. He said i have started from small but why i think small . I also used to do charity like edhi sb i have joined an organization where we teach orphan children without any cost and helps the needy person. My inspiration is Edhi sb. Because we have to do something from Our deeds not from talk. we have to follow “khudi” and “Amal” then we can complete our task easily. Edhi sb used the Amal principle by just start the action and slowly he became one of the most influential hero of the Pakistan.

I wanted to become a doctor from start but when i was in 9th class i adopted the Computer instead of biology after learning bio in vacation i found it difficult, Then i change my track towards Engineer and pilot , Firstly my passion was becoming pilot because my father is from Air force and i got my early education from Fazaia Inter Schools & College Lahore Cantt , when i was in 9th Class my father got retirement and i was shifted from that school to another civilian school and later on my education continued , when i was in Fsc i want to become Engineer from UET. Due to some problem i didnot got admission in my concerning field then i got admisssion in Uaf in Agricultural Engineering , My father want to become Agri Engr then i started my degree there and now i have completed my degree there and came back to lahore Alhamdulilah. Behind everything Allah know better and do better for ourself. commonly says that “Jo hota behtri ky liay hota” “Parents ki Raza ma hi ALLAH ki Razah ha” .

I learn from my experience that success cannot be achieved by living in comfort zone (there is always lightness after every darkness).

Now i want to do Job as well as Masters in Agriculture Engineering or Water Resources Engineering . But my main focus and First priority is good Job in Renowned Firm.

According to my views if you want to be a remarkable and unique personality in the world. If you want to change the world, you would have to find your inner abilities. You have to find yourself within you. You have to find your secrets. Every famous personality of the world like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abdul-sattar Edhi and other remarkable personalities, which have changed the world. They felt their presence to the world. They explored their abilities, their purpose of life and their responsibilities of life.

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