Lighting up my stove!

Edhi sb’s passion of living for others in their times of need was gradually introduced in to him during his upbringing. His mother would always ask him if he had helped the poor or not. She would make him give out the food in Ramadhan and during the eid days. He had seen his mother empower women, work hard and to give more importance to others rather than just looking at oneself. As for me, I’ve been trying to help people identify the solutions to their problems instead of just sitting back and watch them fail. I try my selves to be of help to them, either morally, emotionally or in any other way that I can.

The goal that I’d wanted to achieve in the just start project was to being able to cook for my self. This is one way I can know that I’ve become self reliant and not being a burden over someone else that they’d look after my needs. So far I haven’t been able to cook or bake as I hate going to the kitchen and doing the household chores or from the fear that I might break something (count my skull included for later;) ).

After searching online for some recipes and watching some tutorials on how to bake I collected all of the ingredients in to one place and went step by step to creating the best dessert the world has ever witnessed.

Just casually pouring some water.

What I had learned by doing all of this was that one should never be afraid of trying out new things. No matter how trivial of the things that they’re, you should know how to complete those by taking responsibility. I had put my time and sweat in to creating this magnificent dessert that one could’ve ever witnessed (sweat as in energy only :x ).

Fresh out of the oven.

After doing all of this, it all seemed to be a little piece of cake (like literally).

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