The Fourth Industrial Revolution; No Longer A Fancy !

Tataousst Ali
Dec 31, 2015 · 3 min read
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I can still remember the first cell phone I’ve ever seen. It was back in 2001 when my father bought an old big Nokia 5110 that looked like the most brilliant invention at the time.

I am only telling you this to give an insight of how technology was ahead of us, and how the region has been far behind in terms of technological advancements. Now with the internet, the world has been made smaller. A situation that makes me wonder if Agadir would ever look like “Tron city” in “Tron legacy”? As we are on the verge of a new year, we all feel relatively disappointed by the fact that 2015 is almost over and we still do not have, flying cars, and my own favorite self-lacing shoes like “Back to the Future Part II,” predicted. We are all hopes, however, that in 2016, the fourth industrial revolution will fulfill our dreams. All that we used to see in science fiction movies will likely become our reality in 20 years.

We are already witnessing some revolutionary inventions in all aspects of our lives. In communication for example, Skype confirmed that 3D video call is under development. This technology takes the experience to a whole new level. To make the process of communication even livelier and natural, recent attempts, with limited but promising success, have come to transmit ‘smell’ using the electrical waves. So probably, time has come to part from traffic jams! And what’s a better way to do so than having a flying car?

Transportation also has its place in the fourth industrial revolution Google self-driving car project is one of the many projects that have come to revolutionize the field of transportation, and it is already showing a success worth of admiration. More than that, it’s very probable that we’re soon going to have flying cars. AeroMobil, a Slovakian company, already has a functioning prototype and plans to start selling it in 2017. So goodbye traffic jams! But if you don’t like cars there is cooler ways to get from one place to another like Hoverboards, or hopefully soon teleporters.
Scientists are not stopping here, and they’re going as far as they can to turn our life into a cool futuristic movie. Scientists were trying to put a worm’s mind into a robot’s body in order to prepare for mind uploading. The thing which poses the question; do we really want to maKe them like us? I mean, if robots get to think for themselves, would they really keep serving humans? To answer this question, let us go back in time, to the ages of slavery. Humans were enslaving other humans for centuries, and the slaves did not show any reaction as long as they knew, or thought they knew, the superiority of their masters. Once the slave knows that his strenght can overthrow the mastery of that who owns him, he rebels, and that led the abolishment of matsers. This example might be a bit grave, but it is used here to show the gravity of the task being undertaken by artificial intelligence. What I’m trying to say here is that artificial intelligence can place robots in all possible relations with human beings as long as the superiority of the latter is guaranteed.

All in all, the fourth industrial revolution has surely come to change the way we live today. After all, all attempts to revolutionize technology are meant to advance and improve human life, and maintain the consistency of the human race. The only thing that ias becoming somewhat scary about this revolution is its speed and aspirations. The orientation of artificial intelligence is mandatory if the human race is to last.

Ali Tataousst



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