Fund raising gave us so much to learn

“Meray Mulk ke ghareeboun kaa khayal rakhna” (Take care of the poor people of my country) — Abdul Sattar Edhi

This was the last sentence of the richest poor man, Abdul Sattar Edhi. Abdul Sattar Eidhi-Who is Abdul Sattar Eidhi? He was the man who ran world’s largest volunteer ambulance network along with home shelters, animal shelter, rehab centers and orphanages all across the Pakistan. He did not accomplished it in a single day instead he started helping others from a single paisa of his pocket money. He asked other people for money so that he could help others in a better way.Can you imagine a person lying on his death bed was actually worried about his people?

Actually he was worried about his mission. He made us as a nation responsible for his mission.

But what happened next?

Few months after his death the donations received by the Edhi Foundation were declined significantly. According to Faisal Edhi, the son of late Edhi Sahib, “Donations to the Edhi Foundation have declined after the death of my father. We are facing hard times at present both emotionally and financially. I would urge Pakistanis abroad to help us continue Edhi’s mission of serving humanity.”

It is very tragic to see a foundation that we should be proud of, is actually facing problems for its survival.We have lost Edhi Sahib physically. But the spirit of Edhi Sahib is not meant to be died. So, we as a team decided to raise funds for the Edhi Foundation.

We were ten persons including ;Saeeda, Asif, Malik Shahzaib, Farhaj, Mah gull, Zia, Ali Yaqoob, Danial, Saad,Urwa and Mudassar. We went to fortress for this purpose. Initially, we were hesitant that how we are going to do it. Questions like How will we say them, that give us money, how we will be reacting if they not give us money? were there. But we just started from a shop at hyperstar.The man refused. We said thank you and moved forward. We went from shop to shop and asked for donations. Some people gave it instantly. Some said that our boss is not here. We persuaded them by saying that it is for personal cause and it will be Sadqa-e-jaariya for you and they gave us money. Fortress has a beautiful ground also. We targeted the people sitting there. Their response was quite negative. Mostly, People sitting in the ground refused to donate. We approached a person sitting there. Said Assalam-o-Alaikum to him, he did nor replied, instead frowned and said I have not wallet.

In this world there are both good and bad people. While we were going here and there we did not noticed that we were being noticed. As we were moving, a car stopped by us and asked us about our purpose and they gave us one thousand rupees. We went to a shop and told sales girl about our purpose. And not only the sales girl but a customer also donated. We wanted to fund raise from Fortress square mall too. We talked to their HR manager and they refused so we mainly targeted owners of other shops. We went to local shops, branded shops, restaurants. mobile phone shops and banks.

We went to packages mall also. We had quite positive response from the owners of shops there.They gave us money.Two people gave us Rs.500 and one of them said that you are doing great job carry on. It increased our morale and we moved to next shop. When we were moving to next shop we were stopped by man who said what are you doing?Have you got the permission? We tried to convince him for fund raising but they said that sorry we cant allow you keeping in mind the security situation of country.We thanked them and came out of packages mall. Our next target was DHA Y block market. The security guards of shops had great spirit of humanity and they contributed for this auspicious purpose.We were not allowed to enter in some shops but we did not lose heart and carried on. We had diverse responses from different people. A shopkeeper thought of us as terrorists collecting money to buy weapons. He asked us for the proof that the money will go to Eidhi foundation. We showed him the receipt,the letter,the box,the Amal card but that man refused to accept anything and asked for authentication continuously. We convinced him that the fund will actually go to Eidhi foundation and he gave us Rs.100.It was a success for us.Another shopkeeper said that place that box in my shop and I will contribute in that.We said that we will talk to authorities about it.Right now you can contribute in my box.But he refused.

Inspired by Edhi Sahib,who himself in his life begged for donations by standing on footpaths for long hours we fund raised for Eidhi at different places and in the end we realized that it was so hard for Eidhi Sahab to collect donations at public places.Going from shop to shop we realized about the struggle of all those who collect donations to help others.We also realized that everyone in our society is good at heart and want to contribute for good purpose but in our society social work is not being done at such massive stage so charity work should be done more and at high level.



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