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Hacktoberfest Pull Request 2

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The project I got to contribute to for my second pull request is called Google/Coding-with-Chrome. Coding with chrome is a an “educational coding environment” enabling users to learn how to build computer programs. It allows users to create programs using Javascript, Python, Blockly and more. It even allows output to connected devices such as toys or machine learning kits.

The issue I worked on needed me to make some UI changes to add more clarity so that users don’t miss out on an important warning message.

Making the change introduced me to Soy Templates (also called Closure Templates) which are data-driven templates used to generate re-usable HTML and UI elements. It was interesting learning about such a tool as they are convenient and simple to use.

This issue also forced me to further practice some git commands as I ended up committing more changes to the local repository then I had intended. This was because the package.json and package-lock.json files had been automatically updated upon installing the required packages in the project. In order to undo the commit history, I first had to restore the .json files back to the original — done using git checkout —after which I changed the commit history — using git amend.

Once everything looked good, I created my pull request and also had to sign the Google CLA for my changes to be accepted. And just like that my second Hacktoberfest PR for the month was complete.

It was an interesting project and issue to contribute to. I got to learn about Soy/Closure Templates which was new to me. I look forward to learning more about them and perhaps using it in an application myself sometime.

Now, on to the next Hacktoberfest issue…

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