Hacktoberfest Pull Request 3

For my third pull request, I came across this project called Arcaster42/Rhymus that my fellow classmates have also worked on. It was a simple and fun project to contribute to. Rhymus is a rhyming game that displays cards with a sentence on them. The sentence doesn’t make sense due to one word that needs to be replaced. The player is required to enter the correct word that rhymes with the wrong one and replace it within the provided time limit.

The Issue and Pull Request

The issue I contributed to required me to add some more rhyming puzzles to the game. After having studied the code and thought about possible puzzles to add, I went ahead and made my contribution.

After having created my pull request, I was requested by the project owner to make some small changes to my code. Once I did so, my changes were reviewed and merged. With that, my third Hacktoberfest pull request was all done.


It was nice contributing to a small project quite early on and seeing how people start and establish projects on Github. Furthermore, it’s easier to understand the project as a whole and see it come together layer by layer compared to stepping in on a much larger one.

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