Hacktoberfest Week 1

Zufishan Ali
Oct 9 · 2 min read

For my first pull request for Hacktoberfest, I contributed to Powershell/xWebAdministration which I briefly mention here. Windows Powershell is a task-based command line shell and scripting language designed to simplify the management of Windows and Windows Server systems. xWebAdministration is a module which contains Powershell Desired State Configuration(DSC) resources.

The Issue and Pull Request

The issue I worked on required me to change a few lines of code in a file to follow best practices. The change was to optimize the exporting of commands in the module manifest to avoid expensive analysis from taking place.

After making the changes that the issue clearly outlined, I created my pull request. For my changes to be accepted, the Microsoft Contribution License Agreement had to be signed, and the code reviewed. Once that was done, my first Hacktoberfest PR was accepted and complete. For a starter, this issue was perfect for me.


While the issue was simple to fix, lots of research was required for me to really understand what I was doing as this was my first time writing code in Powershell. This contribution gave me the chance to learn a lot about Powershell as a scripting language, and its DSC platform, while also helping me gain more confidence in contributing to the real world of open source.

Overall, I really enjoyed making this contribution and look forward to my next ones.

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