Reflecting on Hacktoberfest 2019

My first Hacktoberfest experience has come to an end, and I must say it was a fun activity to get me going in the Open Source community. I got scared thinking I wouldn't be able to complete 4 pull requests within the time limit as I was really struggling finding the right issues, but I’m glad I did just in time. I think I might have spent more time searching for issues than actually doing the issue. Many times, after finding a potential issue, while I would be taking some time to learn about the project and how it’s done, the issue would get taken by someone else and my search would have to continue.

However, it was nice learning about many of the projects I came across and the wide variety of ideas and services that many projects are. I started the month off feeling quite hesitant in contributing, but by the end of it I felt more comfortable with the whole process and feel that I can focus on bigger issues now. I got more practice using Git which was one of my goals for the month, mentioned here. While I didn’t complete some of my goals exactly as I had planned, such as learning a whole new language, or working with applications that I’m familiar with or use on a daily basis, I still got to learn about some new and interesting applications (such as Coding with Chrome, and Hubs by Mozilla), and work with languages/templates I was unfamiliar with.

This experience helped me get more exposure in the field in many ways such as by allowing me to see how others code and learning about unique ideas of projects, big and small, and the languages chosen to create them. I’m happy with my progress throughout this month and hope my t-shirt is on its way!

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