Resurfaced Photos of James Gunn Suggest Commentary Was ‘More Than Just Jokes’

A evidence mounts, Ben Shapiro and other James Gunn defenders increasingly find themselves in a precarious position.

On June 23rd, I beat the Los Angeles media to the press when I reported that Disney was considering rescinding James Gunn’s termination and taking executive level meetings. The following day, a source told me that the director’s agents and allies were hard at work lobbying the studio and unions with a million dollar advocacy budget. Nearly a week later, I broke news again, reporting that Disney had information on Guardians of the Galaxy writer-director James Gunn that had not been released to the public.

These past three weeks have been nothing short of a loud bang with a very quiet Gunn.

Here, weeks later, Disney has still refused to rehire Gunn to direct Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3; even with the full cast of stars rallying on his behalf, planted stories in the Hollywood press, agents make the case that conservatives were not actually offended—that it was just to appease the “Trumpists,” and more than 500,000 fans petitioning the entertainment giant.

Those rallying against rehiring Gunn have only collected a little over 4000 signatures to date.

Still, many skeptics are beginning to believe Disney does in fact have damning information on one of their most profitable directors.

Hollywood has been flooded with dueling reports on every issue story evolving from this saga as spin and speculation machines battle in a race against the clock. Most recently, it was reported that Marvel is fighting on Gunn’s behalf and that Marvel is trashing Gunn’s script.

Earlier this week, I published a piece about Gunn’s childhood and his adult associations with pedophiles, including Huston Huddleston who pled guilty to child pornography and molesting a minor.

In news that will occupy much of the weekend, Friday night, damning pictures resurfaced from the director’s now defunct personal website that show Gunn gleefully participating in a pedophilia-themed party.

Director James Gunn and friends at pedophile-themed party, “To Catch a Predator.”

Gunn dressed as a Catholic priest posing ominously for photos. A bunny rabbit, clown seen choking another participant, and women dressed in schoolgirl outfits with pigtails were present as well.

As a child, Gunn had been exposed to sex amongst his peers and child molestation at the hands of a Catholic pastor.

During the reporting of this whole episode, a reader suggested to me that the bunny rabbit is a natarious symbol for pedophiles. I’m unsure of the veracity of that claim without additional research. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or not a symbol at all? Either way, Gunn is obsessed.

One original Gunn defender, journalist Ian Miles Cheong (who reversed course the same day news broke), still feels shame over his hours long defense.

But what of others? Especially, what of those social conservatives who blamed the “outrage mob” for fear that it might jeopardize their cushy contracts at cable television and radio stations?


Ben Shapiro and his publication, The Daily Wire, have gone mum on all but a single positive story (a report that Gunn may be rehired) on the whole affair ever since Shapiro’s impassioned defense of Gunn.

The Daily Wire, a social conservative publication, is based out of Hollywood.

Tens of thousands of readers and listeners have protested without additional comment from the staff. Shapiro’s pro-Gunn tweets have been “ratioed” without a single media reporter covering his largely Christian fanbase in revolt over the issue. Many dozens to hundreds have reported to having had canceled their subscriptions to the website since Shapiro, a vocal Orthodox Jew, defied all moral expectation.

James Gunn

This doesn’t smell right. It never has—don’t be fooled as this story turns.

To be clear, the status of Gunn’s relationship with Disney, the largest producer of children’s content, isn’t being taken to task by parents and concerned citizens for simply making jokes.

Gunn had hundreds of pedophilistic jokes on his blog and Twitter account, infamously forcing him to delete more than 10,000 tweets. In addition, he housed grotesque commentary about child molestation. He seems to have a network of child-obsessed deviants like Lloyd Kaufman and convicted child porn consumer and molestator, Huddleston. This isn’t exactly a surprise in Hollywood argues comedian Benjamin Owen.

Should he be working with children or on children’s content? That’s been the objection (and limiting principle), whilst defenders would have apathetic parties believe otherwise.

Earlier this week, I observed that “[m]aybe the thousands of words Gunn dedicated making light of child molestation were, in fact, jokes. If that’s the argument, the next logical question is, for whom?”

At some point, Gunn’s defenders need to put commonsense discernment and the evidence before their pride. We’re owed an apology for their resistance to the facts.

Things that make you go hmm.