Caught: Jason Kessler admits ‘Unite the Right’ trolls the American Political Right in Order to Gain Media Attention; No ‘Rally’

Jason Kessler before his largest constituency: Media.

Jason Kessler, the occupy activist turned white identitarian, is now admitting that his event is not about uniting the right at all—but trolling the right. Previously not covered by media, Kessler had already confessed to being neither a conservative nor a republican but instead hating both. However, this new admission of his presents new challenges for the media narrative.

Kessler, then a local activist, teamed up with white nationalist Richard Spencer last year was catapulted to infamy after a death in the chaos has never been on America’s right-wing of the political spectrum. Some on the right are donating to Heather Heyer’s memorial fund in memory of the left-wing activist who died amid the chaos in Charlottesville,Virginia last year.

Last year, a guide was written and released to media explaining the difference between the alt-right and the New Right, a loose-knit group of non-establishment center-right or populist citizens still in search of a political home. It was met — or not — by averted eyes.

This year, Kessler took a dozen cohorts to the nation’s capital for a non-rally.

Jason Kessler in his own words explained that his event isn’t right-wing at all. “It’s a misnomer. This isn’t about uniting the right. I’m just using that name so the people will pay attention and see how differently this event is going to turn out in Charlottesville then it is— I mean in DC than it did Charlottesville.”

What will media say now?

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