The Solitude of a School Janitor

The glimmering floor of this grey hallway
Reflects as forlorn a face as ever seen
A tousled head and lugubrious eyes
With memories of a time that once had been

When the mind was young; a blissful state
The whirlwind life absolutely vivid
Two insoucient kids with their puerile mirth
Clueless that life would become so insipid

I still remember your beautiful smile
And your hair swaying in the zephyr’s grace
The luminous eyes above the tender cheeks
Were the pinnacle of a perfect face

The lovely moments we spent together
Are now just remnants of a bittersweet dream
For everything’s changed in the past three decades
And I’ve been drowning in melancholy

I sometimes wonder where you are
I solemnly hope that you are content
A proletariat husband, two cheerful kids
A paragon of the modern woman

I have no family, no friends or colleagues
Only these schoolchildren provide a little solace
For they coax me to reminisce the halcyon days
An epoch of boundless frolic

The clock strikes seven, I must retire now
To an abode of depressing milieu
And as I lie on my rigid bed I hope
I pass away to pastures new.

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