Bootcamp Day Three…

Sleep is for the weak!

It has been a cool rainy day, as if the creator Himself wanted to help us cool our nerves. The journey has been really tasking, so much to do so little time. At this point a lot of determination, sleepless nights and more studying is needed to push through. Whoever said that becoming an Andelan was easy must be a joker.

I have been up since 3am trying to finish work on my project’s User Interface and also start working on the back end. Well like they say, “sleep is for the weak” because I am more than determined to prove myself. I have learnt a lot these few days, learning how to develop a web application properly , the appropriate work flow, working with teams and so on. So i know what it truly takes to become a world class developer.

It has been great meeting aspiring developers from all over the country, working with them, collaborating and sharing ideas. These are a very hardworking and smart bunch and working with them has really improved me. We have guys who know almost about everything you need to know about developing and are also eager to help. We need more of this kind of environment especially in a country like ours, where the society doesn’t really encourage technological developments due to their focus on other things. Kudos to Andela.

It is really great to be able to pursue ones passion by having the right guide. I see Andela as a guide that would make what I love doing a reality.


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