Improvement! What I Strive for.

It has been a wonderful experience at the Andela bootcamp. Learning here is is so easy, with the environment conducive enough and the right crop of people who are hungry to learn around me. It hasn’t been so easy though, there is so much to learn in so little time and expectations to be met.

Tomorrow Friday, being the last day of the first week of this bootcamp, we are all nervous trying to cross t’s and dot i’s. Everyone is doing whatever they can to get an edge over others. I have been doing my best to make sure i perform well enough to make it into the second week and ultimately the fellowship. Thank goodness my daily tasks have not been too difficult, I’ve been able to work on them and submit reasonably okay solutions. I am still battling with creating API routes for my project though and believe me when I say its not easy.

I’ve learnt so much since I have been here, its like my head was literally opened and new interesting stuff pushed in. New terminologies, technologies, improved ways of getting things done. I have met Interesting people who just make this tough process a little easy. This is an experience I would never forget.

I have seen myself improve immensely, that is something I always strive for and that is expected from bootcamps such as this.