My Experience in the Andela Boot-camp So Far… knowledge is key!

It is my day 2 at the Andela Bootcamp and it has been fun learning, facing new challenges and conquering them. Interacting with my colleagues has been interesting, everyone so eager to learn and also to help those who have problems. My LFA (learning facilitator) has also been great, trying to explain things and also impart knowledge as much as possible.

I have been cracking my head finding a solution to today’s puzzle, creating an OOP implementation by modelling a real world scenario, with the help of some materials I was able to understand the topic and find solutions. With each challenge, it is an opportunity to learn something new. I have learnt to focus squarely on any challenge and make sure I clear it and realised that there is no limit to learning. Learning also arms you and prepares you for the world’s challenges.

I have also been working on my project and the templates are coming out nicely. I’m still working on the back-end of my project. It hasn’t been really easy but I take it a step at a time, learning one thing before the next.

I will like to thank Andela for all the materials provided to help us understand the tasks. It has been a wonderful experience so far, I’ve learnt growth mind-set, test driven development, writing professionally I’ve also learnt to ask questions.

With all that I have written, I will like to add that I know and it definitely feels like I am on my way to becoming a world class developer.