Going through our bootcamp is not just about learning a new skill. It’s about preparing yourself for the future of work, where expectations are high and a growth mindset is critical to success.

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Learning how to code is fun, but hard. It can take up to 40–50 hours per week to go through our bootcamp curriculum and classes. But the effort you put in will reflect on the output.

That’s really the message we’re telling our students from the very beginning. In our communications, in how we set up the selection process, in the extensive interviews we go through with the students before choosing the final cohort and in the onboarding on day one. …

In October, we wrapped up the last two coding bootcamps of 2018, graduating 34 young men and women in Erbil, Iraq. It has been an incredible year for our team in Iraq, who spearheaded our country growth with 5 new programs, including a tech startup pre-accelerator and a freelancing academy.

Meanwhile, a little north of Erbil, we travelled with a group of Re:Coded alumni to Berlin, where they immersed themselves in the local startup and technology ecosystem as part of German-Turkish Youth Exchange with Jugendhackt.

Plus check out the story of Girfan Bazaar, a startup founded by two Re:Coded fellows that is digitizing the old bazaar in Erbil! …

A reflection on Re:Coded’s journey to date by Co-Founders Marcello Bonatto and Alexandra Clare

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Our pilot program in Erbil Iraq. PC: Reuters

It was the summer of 2016 in Iraq. The day, July 18, was the hottest in the country that year. The government had declared a national holiday because 55 °C (131°F) was just too hot to handle — even for Iraqi standards. That was also the day Re:Coded started its first bootcamp — a pilot program teaching 30 motivated individuals the art of web development. It just so happened that the generator at our training center had literally blown up a few days before. …


Co-Founder @Re:Coded. Creating opportunities for vulnerable youth in MENA to thrive in the tech sector.

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