Top 20 Web Analytic Tools for Growth Hackers

Top 20 Tools for Growth Hackers
Businesses often say that about 50% of all their marketing is a waste. But which 50%?

This is where technology can help.

With these web analytic tools, Growth Hackers can now track and measure all the marketing efforts and see what works and what does not.

A proper web analytic system allows Growth Hackers to track the effectiveness of marketing more quickly and accurately. It also helps in getting rid of wasteful marketing activities and place those resources in marketing that are more effective. Sometimes you will even find patterns in purchases or hits, patterns you would have missed alone.

Here are the 20 of the Best Web Analytic Tools:

  1. Google Analytics: This software is the most popular around the globe. It is full of features, comes with AdWords, and best of all, it’s free!
  2. Core Metrics IBM: created this high-end approach to web analysis. It is great at helping companies grow, engage in the market, and achieve their goals.
  3. LeadzGen: This tool can track and identify your anonymous website visitors. Every month your website receives 1000’s of visitors, but only 2–4% fill out the contact form — with LeadzGen you can identify the other 98% and get their names, emails and contact details. It’s Free for 30 days!
  4. Omniture: This tool was created by Adobe and is an industry leader. Many say this is the best for those users who are serious about their sites.
  5. VisiStat: While this approach is fun, it holds a lot of power and usefulness.
  6. Deep Software: This full-feature tool, which is also very affordable, will allow you to maximize your returns. This is done by using the marketing data stored in your log files.
  7. At Internet: This tool uses browsing sequences, which will allow you to grab an insight on your users and improve the channels being used.
  8. WebTrends: This software focuses on social media and mobile trends, and is one of the top companies for web analytics in the world.
  9. Logaholic: This package comes with a javascript snippet that is lightweight, and will not slow down your browser as some others do.
  10. Piwik: This is an open-source tool that is also affiliated with OpenX. Piwik is a major competitor to Google Analytics.
  11. WordStream: WordStream is excellent at helping you to organize your marketing. And using data from your site, you can create more effective marketing strategies.
  12. OpenTracker: This is a step up from Google Analytics, and was created for those who want more granularity in how users behave on a website.
  13. AdvancedWebStats: This tool is an online tracking service which will help you engage your visitors, and fix the issues that are causing users to leave.
  14. GoStats: This service not only gives you web statistics, but also is a hit counter. This will help you improve how you interact with users, and will gives users more information.
  15. ClickTale: You can use this tool to watch your users browse the site by using click heat maps. This will surely help you improve your site.
  16. Woopra: This company has tracked over one hundred thousand sites, and offers you a great, real-time monitoring experience.
  17. GetClicky: This package comes with similar tools as others in this list, but is more user-friendly and simpler. This often makes it a practical choice for users.
  18. Personyze: This tool will help you have a personal experience with your analysis, which will give you just what you are looking for.
  19. ChartBeat: This is great for those who are impatient and want instant data. It will allow you to monitor, track, and chart data in real-time.
  20. ShinyStat: This suite is robust with analytic tools that include video analytics, trending, and SERP monitoring.

Whichever of these web analytic tools you decide to use, you will quickly see where you can be more efficient in your marketing. These web analytic tools will help you increase your business, and give you happy, lifelong clients.

Start with their FREE Trials, and if you see the results, it will be an investment in your business, not just an expense. So try a few out and you will find one that is perfect for your business.

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