What went down at deCODE’16 hackathon?

deCODE is a hackathon presented by the Legacy Conference, an event for would-be entrepreneurs. At deCODE, startup companies are paired with participants, mainly students, to work on real-world challenges. This is a great opportunity for the participants to get a sense of real-world design problems while working closely with industry insiders.

This blog is about our experience at deCODE’16 and the value that you may gain from participating in this type of event, either as a hacker or an industry coach. If you are interested to learn more about the following:

  • How to organize a hackathon?
  • How did deCODE help students gain real-life experience?
  • What did the Klipfolio team learn from this event?
  • Tips for participating in similar events
  • and the project we worked on…

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