The Week Before The Elections: Outside Trump Towers

On Fifth Avenue between Gucci and Tiffany’s, Trump Tower glistens in the sun.

On Wednesday afternoon, it was host to some protestors and the passersby they attracted.

Opposite the building, two police officers stood next to a police van. The sidewalk was lined with barricades that were not being used. The noise of cars and a distant sound of a siren could be heard.

A woman held up a sign. In bold red font, it read: “Trump: I’ll Whine Until I Win. Everything is Rigged.” As pedestrians passed by the building, she smiled at them.

Another protestor was selling merchandise. He had a cap shaped as excrement on his head and held a sign with the word ‘Dump’ followed by an image of Trump’s head on poo. A single ‘Dump Trump’ button cost $3.

A doorman stood by the entrance of Trump Towers with his hands crossed.

As foot traffic increased, people would stop to look at the protestors. Some pulled out their phones to take pictures.

A woman with short hair and glasses stopped to talk to the Dump Trump merchant.

She pointed to the Trump Tower and yelled, “It doesn’t matter. Look what he built.”

As they spoke, she got louder and others started to tune in to the conversation.

The merchant smiled and told her: “Can we agree to disagree?”

But the argument continued.

In this tense exchange, a man excitedly arrived to take a picture with the merchant. He smiled as he put his arms around him and gave the camera a thumbs up.

The woman continued to scream.

Her body was shaking as she yelled. She decided the argument was over and walked away.

“Period!” she said.

But before leaving, she pointed to a group of policemen in the corner. All eyes turned to the officers across from her.

“Right there, she (Hilary Clinton) doesn’t support the men in blue.”

With that exclamation, she walked away from the scene and went up to the policemen.

Laughing she said, “I don’t know why I did that.”

She continued her walk down 5th Avenue away from the scene she had created. In front of Trump Towers, the protestors got back to their campaign. Pedestrians occasionally stopped to take pictures. People walked in and out of the building. The police stood in place.