Everyone! Look at me! I’m so busy!

Are you? Are you really? Like honestly? Are you actually busy or are you busy acting busy?

More fast!

Oh your sprinting around the office? You move around fast, let me get out your way, you’ve got important places to be. Don’t let actual work get in your way, you go getter you!


Oh you found a problem? You want to tell everyone you found the problem? What’s that? You don’t have an actual solution? Oh ok. I just thought….you know…..that you’re so good at pointing out obvious problems that you might be doing something about them.

Pointy finger

It’s not your fault it failed? That could be the case, except that you’ve blamed someone else before. And before that. And the time before that aswell.

Big boss

Ok, you be in charge. No, I mean, like “actually” in charge. Sorry, lol, my fault, didn’t realise you just wanted to look in charge.


You’re eating lunch at your desk, again, oh you poor thing. Oh you’re shopping online but just want people to see you eating at your desk? Oh ok, sorry, I’ll let you get on with it.


I think I know why you don’t have time, if you slow down and let people observe, you might just get exposed for how bad you actually are at your job.

Maybe YOU are the wrong tool for the job, you ever thought that? Of course you didn’t, you egomaniac.

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