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Hello Medium! It’s me, Alia. We released Swarm 4.0 today with many ~brand new~ and updated features centered around life logging and consumption. Of these features (which include a beautiful new profile design by Courtney Christopher), I primarily worked on: our updated in-stream photo experience, a feature called The Weekly Swarm, and a consolidated way to check in to past venues you’ve visited, that lives off of your profile. …

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Screens from Swarm’s 3.0 release with inspiration above! L-R in circles: Sergi Delgado & Pedro Baños — Oyster Stout pack design, Richard Perez illustration , Ice cream pattern (unknown) , illustration by Rachel Denti, CUSP typography by Toko, Adventure Time , Elle Japan

I’ve been a designer on Swarm for the past 6 months, and it’s been a busy ride leading up to our 3.0 release. This release is notable for our use of leaderboards and coins, which our team (including the super talented designer I work with/tell bad jokes to/show pictures of my cat to, Courtney Christopher) have worked tirelessly on. And, if I do say so myself, it came out great.

As a user of Swarm and Foursquare prior to working here, I’ve continued to have a close connection to the check-in interaction, and was stoked to work on the product. Because we’ve made so many changes to the UI in this release of Swarm, I thought it was a great opportunity to break down some of the inspirations for our UI changes, and think about how these inspirations relate to Swarm’s updated tone. …


Alia Ormut-Fleishman

Senior Product Designer | Formerly: WeWork, Grubhub, Etsy, Foursquare |

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