#BeyondGEW: Meet Reem

For Global Entrepreneurship Week, the U.S. Embassy Cairo sat down with inspiring alumni of our exchange programs to learn how studying in the United States helped prepare these young Egyptians. Read more about Reem Khorshid, a 22-year-old alumna of the 2016 MENA Scholarship Program!

Outside of the White House in Washington, D.C.

Why did you apply to study in the United States?

I believe that everything we do and all the decisions we make are somehow a kind of business with different objectives and this is why I applied for this program. When I studied architecture, I learned the art of building things, but I always wanted to learn about the business side in order to start my own company.

Reem and the 2016 MENA Scholars at The World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, GA, USA

What skills did you gain from the program?

To be honest, before I participated in the program, I thought of entrepreneurship just as a word and didn’t think it would be something I would want to learn more about. The program included a wide array of activities to help me sharpen my business skills. I learned the key components to start a business, how to face various challenges and the factors that I should consider when facing challenges. I learned to introduce myself and be confident enough to express my passion in my ideas.

What lessons did you learn about entrepreneurship?

This program specifically taught me about self-expression and voicing my thoughts eloquently in front of various people from various backgrounds. I learned that even some of the most basic aspects of life, such as punctuality, time management, participation and, especially important for me being hearing impaired, communication, are just as important in business as they are in life.

Reem (and friend) at the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.


How has what you learned in the program helped you in your current studies/work?

After returning from the program in August, I have started using the skills I learned to introduce a disability awareness campaign in my university. I had to gather data, prepare a presentation and communicate with different people and departments in the university. I am also involved in other campaigns and I frequently find myself recalling the lectures and lessons I learned when I was in the United States.

What was your favorite memory?

This program was not only about entrepreneurship or learning business; it was also about the people I spent the whole experience with whom I can now call family. Living with people for one month in the same building and doing daily activities together was definitely a refreshing wave of networking that created a long, well-paved memory lane that I will always remember!

Reem and friends hanging out on campus at Indiana University