Meeting with you Potential Mentor:

I want Mr. Qaiser ILyas to be my mentor. He is an MBA (Finance) and ACCA member and working in a National Food Company in United Arab Emirates. I am really fascinated about his growth in corporate sector. He is really young, energetic and hard working person having a vast experience in corporate sector. I know him when he was working in “MONNO TEXTILES”. Now a day, He is in Pakistan so I wrote an email for a meeting.

Dear Qaiser Ilyas,

I hope you will be good in health and doing great at your job.

I am really fascinated by your career achievements and growth. As my education field is matching with you and I really love to make you as my mentor and want to discuss the problem relating to my career startup. I am confused whether to join banking sector or corporate finance sector with having a fast career growth. So, based on your experience and knowledge, I need your guidance.

So I really love to meet you whenever you free and convenient for you.


Ali Afaq

He responded me after two days and said to meet him in his house. When I meet him, the overall conversation was so good. He guided me to select corporate sector not banking, after hearing my all story, interests, likes and dislikes and according to his experience. He told me all the realistic things and practically what are happening in the Market. So it was a great experience. Later, I sent him a thank you email in which showed gratitude for his precious time and advice.

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