Mother you lead me

Through the storms

Through tough times

Consoling me not to bother

You take the great velocities of the winds and not complain nothing.

There may have been times that you were hurt and didn't let it out


May be


Was too dumb to understand

All I know

Is you mother

You stake everything for me

And desire nothing in return


For all you give me

I know it's not even a percent of you sacrifices

And nothing in this world can match up that for sure

All I know

Is you mother

I'm sorry for the times

I disobeyed you

For the times

I disrespected you

For the times

I talked back

For the times

I ignored you

I'm ashamed

Guilt eats me, from tip to toe

And I know you'll forgive me but, it's I who won't be able to forgive the person on the other side of the mirror

You always say you are proud of me even for trivial achievements

And now today I say that I take pride in calling you my mother.