Study Techniques You can Use to Master Biology

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Biology is the study of life teaching us about ourselves as well as the world around. It encompasses investigation of the living organisms right from the molecular through cells and the individual organisms to the population and the whole communities of plants and animals. The biologists study the function, structure, origin, growth, evolution and the distribution of the living organisms. Biology has a significant role to play in our existence and the advancements in new technologies have made studying this discipline significantly more exciting.

Different Fields of Biology

There are several fields of Biology, each of which includes multiple subfields.



Cellular biology


Evolutionary biology

Molecular biology


Studying Biology is quite different from studying History or English. The strategies that worked in those classes may not work here always. Here are a few tricks that you can follow while you study Biology.

Have a Positive Attitude

Biology may seem quite complicated but if you get into it, you will find that it is very interesting as well. Having the right attitude can make studying this subject fun. I am certainly not saying that it won’t be difficult if you have a positive attitude while studying, but I am simply saying that with the right attitude it won’t be much of a burden. I know this is easier said than done but it is time you believe in yourself and stop being critical.

Use Flashcards

Do you know what is the most difficult part of studying Biology? It is remembering so many terms. To understand the things you are studying, you need to gain familiarity with a few terms. One of the best ways to remember these terms is by making use of flashcards. You will learn a number of terms in Biology. Spend at least one hour every week in making and studying the flashcards. You can scribble the term on one side of the page and the definition on the other. Keep practicing till you know all the definitions by heart.

Draw Diagrams

Sketching the diagrams are one of the best ways to learn a concept apart from reading about it. Drawing the diagrams at times become tough for the students of Biology. Most of you face difficulty in this part even though you score really well in the descriptive part. Do you know why the diagrams fail to fetch marks even after you have worked hard on it? This is because the illegible and the inaccurate diagrams can fetch marks rarely. Here are a few ways you can use to secure higher marks.

  • Draw using sharp single lines always
  • Represent the darker areas with dots rather than shading it
  • Label the parts right beside the diagram. Do not just put in numbers there and then mention the parts at the bottom.
  • Avoid drawing using multiple strokes

Use the Laboratory

Explore your curiosity by using the laboratory whenever you can. The hands-on laboratory experiments help a lot in reinforcing the concepts from class. Make sure you come to the laboratory well prepared not just to undertake the experiments, but ask questions to clear your doubts as well.

Go Through the Textbook before You Come to Class

Biology is not a subject you can absorb in a short time. It is thus, crucial to go through the chapter at least once before you come to class. You may not always have adequate time to go through the whole chapter. In that case, take a look at the pictures and go through the captions. You need not memorize the whole chapter but forming a basic idea is enough here.

Try to list all the words you are facing difficulty in understanding. You can get the meaning of the words cleared in the course of the class.

Test Yourself

It is better to test yourself before someone else does that. Testing yourself will help you to find your weak points and take steps accordingly. You can try to answer the questions present at the end of the chapter. You can also get a friend or a sibling to ask you questions. You can get the help of your seniors to gather the test papers from the previous years. In case you don’t have access to them, take a look at the online quizzes and form an idea of the questions that may be asked in the exam. There are a few websites as well that includes quizzes. This will help you form a clear idea of the topics you have already mastered and the ones you have not.

There are several other study strategies. You can ask your teacher or friends of the study strategies to follow. If you can study Biology following the right strategies, you would be a master in dealing with this subject in little time.

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