Why I’m choosing to launch my next novel with Publishizer

Ocularum’s Publishizer campaign launches August 1.
Compendium won the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Silver Medal in the Fantasy Category.

There are many pros and cons of independent publishing.

Pros: (1) total control over output, materials, process, and deadlines; (2) pick and choose who you work with for editor, cover designer, audiobook, etc.; (3) control over marketing efforts and ability to run creative marketing campaigns because you control pricing and get author copies relatively cheaply; (4) can market your book indefinitely; and (5) aren’t stuck only publishing projects that the publisher gods have deemed trendy or marketable at the time that the book is completed.

At this point, you may be thinking… OK, get to the point!

Well, here it is. As authors, we write books for people to read. Our domain expertise is in writing books and as mentioned above, in marketing our personal brand and books to readers. I’ve done a pretty good job at those two requirements, but how much better could I be doing if I leverage properly incentivized partners to expand my distribution? This might reduce my ability to run Bookbub ads at my leisure and mean that I have to answer to someone else on content edits and cover design, but perhaps the tradeoff of a larger distribution network, greater exposure to alternate markets, and a partner to keep me on schedule are worth that reduced control.

So why am I going with a crowd-funding literary agency and publisher matching program rather than just querying a thousand agents and selling my book traditionally?

One thing about the traditional publishing industry that bothers me A LOT is that it’s incredibly risk-averse. I understand why, but sometimes the result is a homogenous selection of books by the same tried and true authors in the same tried and true format. That’s a generalization by me, and I’m constantly reading truly compelling books. Really, though, the riskier books tend to be by already established authors that have proven out their value to publishers. Why is this?

The economic argument for Publishizer

So what does this have to do with Publishizer? Well, crowd-funding a pre-order lets me show to publishers that (1) there is an audience for the book and (2) that if they offer me a contract, they are guaranteed sales, the amount of which start with the pre-orders I’ve already accepted during the campaign. If I pre-sell 300 copies, then they already have their projected first year of sales wrapped up. With that risk removed, they can afford to take on a project that might be new and interesting and scary for a traditional publisher. So, the more I pre-sell the book, the greater the likelihood that I will attract a publisher who sees value in marketing my book and building a long term relationship with me to ensure I succeed.

Award-winning science fiction / fantasy author of Compendium (alialuria.com). Ocularum available for pre-order starting August 1 at https://pszr.co/LRtXM.

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