Virtual reality android app for architecture

Imagine how easy would it be to build a project if you could design and, collaborate on it virtually? SmartVizX has introduced one of the very first, virtual reality based android applications for architecture. By creating a VR app for architecture, the company is re-defining the way architects design and clients view and understand the design. Now, with this VR based product, it becomes easy for anyone to experience a project in 360 degrees through an immersive VR experience.

This VR experience is custom created as per client requirements and, being based on AutoCad files, is built–to-scale thus offering a true representation of the physical dimensions of the actual project. In addition, use of gaming technology means that every such VR experience includes very high levels of interactivity. Customers can change various aspects of the interior and furnishings as per their tastes, thus enjoying greater control and decision making power as compared to before.

Recent reports indicate that the very popular Samsung Gear VR may have outsold all the other VR HMD variants such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc. The launch of Google‘s Daydream also serves as an indicator that high quality, affordable and portable, mobile based VR HMDs are here to stay. Mobile VR will soon transform the way content is seen and experienced globally.

At present SmartVizX is powering mobile VR experiences basis its ViViz product. The team is creating custom solutions including both captured as well as created content. A highly successful project featuring the use of mobile based virtual reality application is that of ElectroMech Material Handling Systems Pvt Ltd. The project involved the creation of a unique factory tour experience largely comprising of actual shot footage of the factory premises. ElectroMech’s case is a clear example of just how powerful can mobile based vr technology be for the enterprise segment.

At present virtual reality based android applications are already finding use across sectors as diverse as healthcare, learning & development, edutainment, manufacturing, architecture and more. Considering that DigiCapital’s report indicates VR to be worth $120 billion by 2025, the number of sectors getting added to the mix will rise and, mobile based VR will claim a major chunk of these monies.

We suggest, you experience the power of mobile based virtual reality applications with us. Check out all the information on ViViz by SmartVizX.

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