Digital marketing, the Alias way
Dec 16, 2015 · 1 min read

When there is talk of digital marketing you can often smell a rat: simply string a couple of big words together and anyone can seem like an expert. At Alias, on the other hand, we like to be clear and, above all, precise.

The essentials

There is no standard recipe for a good digital marketing plan. First of all, the marketing plan has to fit in with the client’s overall strategies and every company has its own peculiar characteristics that need to be nurtured and not forced to comply with models “that have worked before”. The ability to listen is essential and this is what we concentrate on at every stage of strategy planning. At all times, we will only consider fixed, measurable targets that we aim to reach using the means at our disposal.


Our expertise allows us to oversee a project even after its implementation, assisting its growth through suitable digital marketing operations. These are our fields of action:

- Search engine marketing

- Display advertising

- Retargeting

- E-mail marketing

- Social media marketing

Further details

For further details you can e-mail, phone +39 055 900 249 or leave a comment here below.

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