Drone shot of Welverdiend Retirement Resort.

We’re thrilled to announce the next Sun Exchange solar project crowdsale, set to go live Tuesday, 4 June, will be for Welverdiend Retirement Resort in Cape Town, South Africa. This 94.6kW project will reduce the costs of living for retired South Africans.

In the video below, Welverdiend residents share why going solar is important to them. One of the key reasons is that with today’s higher standards of living and longer life expectancy, retirement has become increasingly costly. There is also a strong sense of responsibility towards future generations.

Head over to the Sun Exchange blog to learn more.

Modeling climate leadership and innovation to our young people is more important now than ever. What better way to do so than to take part in solar powering a school? Check out our blog to read about the latest Sun Exchange crowd sale for a solar project that will solar power Protea Heights Academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

In this guide we will look at how to add SUNEX as a custom token to MetaMask.

Step 1

Open and login to MetaMask.

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with leading South African clean energy fund manager, Decentral Energy, that will enable Sun Exchange to take on larger solar projects than ever before.

Decentral Energy has already provided equity and debt financing for the largest Sun Exchange project to date, the 473kW Cape Town-based Nioro Plastics, which is now one of the largest rooftop solar installments in Cape Town.

Read more about what this new partnership means for Sun Exchange, our members and South Africa’s much-needed energy transformation at the Sun Exchange blog.

At the recent Sun Exchange Investor Showcase we had an inspiring conversation with a packed room of individuals passionate about energy transformation, eager to learn more about Sun Exchange. Given the energy crisis South Africa is facing, it’s quickly become glaringly clear that innovations like Sun Exchange are critical for sustainable economic growth and development.

If you missed the event, no need to worry; we will host another Sun Exchange Investor Showcase in the near future. Details coming soon! In the meantime, check out the Sun Exchange blog and the video below for a recap of the hot topics we discussed.

It wasn’t long ago — in September 2018, in fact — that we announced the start of a 117.5 kW project at Sacred Heart College, in Johannesburg. This school is famous for the fact that it became multi-racial in 1976, in defiance of the Apartheid Government’s racist Bantu Education policies.

About two months after the project’s announcement, all 25,623 solar cells had been sold to Sun Exchange members, including new Sun Exchange members made up of supporters and parents from the school. Construction could begin and was completed within a record-breaking 4 weeks.

We are delighted to announce that…

The token sale event for the Sun Exchange SUNEX digital rewards network token has officially come to a close. We ultimately allocated 28,485,478 SUNEX tokens (equivalent to $1,068,205).To everyone who participated in the sale and is now a SUNEX token holder — thank you! We deeply appreciate your support of Sun Exchange and of the global transition to clean energy.

Along with our peers across the industry, we’ve learned a lot from running an ICO in this challenging market. To read more about our takeaways, next steps for SUNEX token holders and what’s ahead for Sun Exchange, check the latest post on the Sun Exchange blog.

Sun Exchange is off to Singapore next week for Asia Blockchain Week!

We’ll kick things off at SolarPlaza’s Blockchain2Energy Asia on Tuesday, 27 November at Suntec Singapore. Sun Exchange is a Diamond Sponsor at the conference and our CEO and founder, Abe Cambridge, will deliver a keynote on his vision for how solar energy and blockchain technology combined can power a new global economy of abundance that will benefit all humanity. Abe will also speak on a panel discussion about new renewable energy finance innovations, exploring how blockchain is unlocking new sources of capital for clean power.

The timing of…

Introducing Lisa Lyhne

It’s been a busy few months at Sun Exchange! The team is tirelessly laying the groundwork for 2019, which is set to be a year full of growth and excitement. As part of that effort, we are thrilled to share with you that our very own Lisa Lyhne has been appointed as Managing Director of Sun Exchange. In this role, Lisa will lead efforts to maximize the efficiency of Sun Exchange operations and will guide the business in executing against the broader business strategy determined by the Sun Exchange management team.

Read more about Lisa and the entrepreneurship and IT prowess she brings to her new role on our blog.

We are proud to announce that we have received a $500,000 (USD) seed investment from Alphabit, a multi-million-dollar hedge fund. The investment highlights Alphabit’s support of our vision of creating a thriving, inclusive and decentralized, global solar-powered economy.

Read the full announcement here.

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