Solar Cell vs SUNEX Token Purchases

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3 min readMay 3, 2018


Solar Cell vs SUNEX purchases

We have become increasingly aware that some people are finding it confusing understanding the difference between purchasing SUNEX tokens and purchasing solar cells in a project hosted on In this article we hope to dispel the confusion and make the differences abundantly clear.

Solar Cell Purchases

The following video gives you a brief introduction to what the Sun Exchange Platform does and how it operates.

The Sun Exchange Tutorial Part 1

As you can see from the video, purchasing solar cells in a project hosted on allows members to earn lease income from the energy their purchased cells generate. The Sun Exchange does in depth due diligence on all proposed projects and has a strict vetting process to ensure that the energy off-taker is likely to continue paying for the energy they consume from the solar power plant. For more details on how the Sun Exchange platform works read our FAQ. You can also view an example of the detailed project brochure that is issued when new projects go live by clicking here. This is the brochure from one of our recent projects for South South North.

SUNEX Token Purchases

The following video gives you a brief introduction to the functionality of our rewards based token SUNEX.

SUNEX Network Token promo video

As you can see in the video our token SUNEX is a rewards based token that offers various benefits when owning or purchasing solar cells through the Sun Exchange online platform. Owning greater numbers of SUNEX will advance you through the membership tiers which will in turn grant bonus lease income on all cells you own, purchase discounts on all future cell purchases and give you priority access to new projects launched on the platform. See the table below.

It is important to note that purchasing SUNEX tokens during our token sale is the quickest and easiest way to advance through the membership tiers. After the token sale the only way to acquire SUNEX will be by purchasing solar cells through (where a 10 USD spend will gain 1 SUNEX), earning them through unlocking achievements in our gamified rewards system (see table below), purchasing them on exchange or by earning staking rewards by staking tokens into the SPRF.

For the complete list of achievements available to unlock go to page 37 of our whitepaper.

The Solar Project Relocation Facility (SPRF)

Another important aspect of the use of our token SUNEX is the ability to stake them into the SPRF. The SPRF provides an additional layer of security to solar cell owners against payment defaults by the energy off-taker. Staking SUNEX into the SPRF will earn up to a 20% return paid in SUNEX tokens. Full details of how the SPRF works can be found on page 31 of our whitepaper.


So to sum up. Purchasing Solar Cells in projects hosted on the Sun Exchange platform allows you to earn lease income from the cells you own. Purchasing SUNEX tokens in our token sale will grant you bonus lease income, purchase discounts and priority access to new projects launched on the platform. If you require any further clarification feel free to reach out to us via our various social media channels linked below.




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