I’m curious what the author thinks about infant male circumcision/ male genital cutting?

According to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23937309 and other studies circumcision has no impact on sexual function.

My research results are in agreement with the studies. So let’s talk about parents and choice.

Parents start altering children the moment they are born and continue to do so until the day the kids leave the nest. Nutrition, environment, access to education, extracurricular activities, methods of discipline, everything single choice from minor to major, plays a role in the formation of an adult human being. Many of them are more important in the creation of functional adults than whether the foreskin stays or goes.

Pierced ears, noses, belly buttons. Wisdom tooth removal. Access to alcohol before legally permissible. Learner’s license at 16. Parental choices impact the outcome of the their child’s physical and psychological development every second of every day.

My foreskin and I parted ways 40 years ago. So what. Penis works fine, made some kids, makes wife happy. I can’t get upset about never having access to it. There is no practical basis to make the claim my life would be better with it other than someone else saying it would. In fact, if that region was more sensitive it would be a serious hindrance. If I was tied down at 25 and had it forcibly removed that would be an issue. But since I can’t remember the procedure I underwent as an infant it’s a non-issue.

Gender parity should not be a factor. Just because clits are off limits doesn’t mean foreskins need to be. Analyze each case on its own merits and do what’s best for the child during period of history in which they live. If there is a legitimate medical need, chop the thing off. Preventative maintenance is a reasonable argument. I have never had any issue with my penis, ever. Could that be due to circumcision? Maybe. Maybe not. If I had two penises, one circumcised and one not, I would have sample data to work with.

Do I resent my parents for making the choice? No f’ing way. It was one choice among thousands that paved my path to adulthood. Sure they made some bad calls but they did the majority of critical things right.

The trend seems to be leaving manparts intact. The practice will likely die out eventually.

I’m happy to have lived in a century where my parents were allowed to make decisions on my behalf. Even if they got it wrong at least they had a choice and exercised it.

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