Deep thinking and the art of solving problems.

Often times we think that something is very arduous and very complex and involving a very large list if variables.

But, if you come up with a task and count the things involved in the process of achieving that task it comes out to be something we can measure and do.

This simple thing, took me a long while to realise. I have been an individual who is in a hurry. A hurry to do anything and everything in my life. And if a task involves more than a few steps I deem it too complex to do.

Like the task of washing up my car. I have a large sized SUV and its an expensive piece of machinery. I could wash it myself or I could delegate the task of washing to someone else.

In India, where I live. Asking someone to wash a for you is easy and economical as well. But the thing is lack of skilled labour, give somebody your car and it may comeback damaged. probably with water marks or paint damage due to excessive rubbing or some such thing.

Well, what does a car wash involve. Just breaking it down to some parts line front, side top and back and washing it up. It just doesn’t really take more than two hours of your time to wash it.

Thus deep thinking about a task really makes you discover what the task is, breaking it out into steps and thinking about each step.

How it is to be performed, do we have all the skills and knowledge to perform it. Thinking in this way about anything gives us the ability to quantify what we know and what are the gaps in our knowledge.

And, if you think like this regarding the life goals that you need to achieve, you will discover that a lot of the stuff that you thought you didn’t know or could not do. There was actually a small part of that you needed help with and 80% of the stuff you already knew how to do.

Deep thinking about stuff also helps you discover reality from seemingly unrelated stuff.

feynmann in a famous interview said:

“I went to this cafe, and as I was eating food I saw a kid through his plate up in the air and as the plate came spinning down towards the ground I saw that the edge of the plate revolved in a certain manner and the center of the plate revolved in another manner and I thought to myself could this be how electrons revolved in an atom.”
Feynman on his theory for which he go the noble price.

So, if you need to solve something. Deep thinking about it might give you answer for that.

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