What to Expect After an Eyelid Lift Surgery in Ohio?

Aging can make the skin lose its elasticity. That is why the skin of older people tends to sag. The same can affect the skin around the eyes as well, making the eyes look puffed and droopy all the time. The skin around the eyes may also get gathered, appearing like folded layers. A blepharoplasty procedure, also known as an eyelid lift surgery in Cleveland helps in eliminating these issues.

How does it work?

Eyelid lift surgery is done to remove the excessive fat tissue and skin from the upper eyelid and to reduce the bagginess of the lower lids. It helps in improving vision because the eyes open up better and bigger, without that consistent heavy feeling. It also helps in improving the facial appearance of the patient. A healthy body and lifestyle are essential for the surgery to succeed without any complications.

Though the process of aging would continue, lower eyelid surgery is permanent. When it comes to the upper eyelids, the effect last for as long as seven years.

Post surgery care and recovery

The recovery phase after an eyelid lift surgery in Ohio is generally between three to four weeks. However, some patients recover even within 2 weeks. A lot depends on the amount of care and precaution that is taken along with the usual healing time taken by individual patients. The surgery requires an overnight stay at the hospital but the patients are discharged soon after. Consistent follow ups with the surgeon are very important and any unexpected and strange symptoms should be immediately discussed.

The eyes need to be iced and rested properly. Little bruising, redness, swelling, discomfort and puffiness are common symptoms that begin to show up after the operation. Proper care helps in eliminating these problems easily. There might be small scars but they fade with time and are not that noticeable.

In addition to these symptoms, there can also be a blurring of eyesight in certain cases. This is again temporary and is known to diminish in a few days. In order to minimize discomfort, the incisions should be lubricated with the prescribed ointments and eye drops.

Post surgery care also involves avoiding any activities that may put a strain on the eyes. These include:
-Watching TV
-Working on a computer
-Using the mobile phone for long

Dark sunglasses should be worn to protect the lids from bright light and dust. And even after recovery, the eyes should be rested properly with sufficient sleep.

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