Creative Briefs

While discussing creative briefs, the first thing that came to my mind was a strict and orderly description of a proposed creation. After watching the short video, Briefly, I learned that briefs can be extremely unique or extremely precise. The video explained that briefs can be short and to the point as long as the designer has a clear understanding of the proposed assignment. Something I enjoyed was learning that a brief can be as creative and detailed as it can be broad and simple. Briefs can be numerous things from a letter or a bulleted outline. I found this to be extremely interesting because, like I said, I had originally thought of a creative brief as such a narrow guided outline, but now know this is not the case.

I found an article titled The Killer Creative Brief: How to Get the Best from Your Team. The article listed an outline explaining what a brief needs and ways to make a creative brief using their steps. I may have missed it in the video we watched but this article explained why we need creative briefs in an interesting way. The article say, “Writing a brief forces you to think your project through, from concept to delivery.” I found this to be extremely interesting because while I did know that a brief explains the entirety of a proposed project it does make you think about the whole outcome that is expected. I had never thought to think of it that way but this article opened by eyes to that.

Overall, I learned the importance of a creative brief and the different types of briefs that can be created.

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