Minimalism, greatly changing design

Just Creative shares how minimalism is changing the forefront of design. From basic to modern, this change is needed.

The article, An Examination of Minimalist Design, is powerfully written in both the flow of the article and the readability of the article. The article, 8 Qualities of Powerful Writing, makes note of how important the flow and readability are in an article .

While reading the article about minimalist design the reader is able to understand the concepts because the author outlines and explains the entirety of the ideas. A beginner, just learning about design and minimalism is able to pick up the general information and also learn from the article.

The flow of the article is extremely helpful to the readability and the comprehension of the piece. The author broke up the numerous sections into their own categories with a corresponding image to fully relay the ideas. Design has many components and the author touched on how the idea of minimalism in design is incorporated throughout.

This piece focuses on each point the article is attempting to convey. Once the topic is discussed and the idea is fully developed the focus switches to the next important concept. Again, ensuring the flow of the article ends with the full concept and message coming to fruition.

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