Technology Dependence

In the past many people lived in the fear that computers would conquer the world, that an evil AI would control the entire humanity and free will could be a thing of the past. The fact is, this apocalyptic world is already at our homes. I can’t live without internet, but for me the more drastic things is how we become overdependent of computers. The only thing that saves humanity is that computers are still stupid enough to depend on us to operate.

I take care of a computer software that take care of all documents and bureaucracy of an educational institute. The software was offline for a little time, I decided to take some time to bring a mineral water gallon to replace the one that was empty. Surprisingly I couldn't do it, because with the system offline was impossible to register in the system that I bring the gallon from the deposit to my institute. I think of all the irony, I take care of the system that was not working, and without the system I couldn’t drink water. How we become so dependent of computers.

Makes me sad that without computers no one works. So I have to be in constant alert and I fell constantly angry that humanity become lazy enough to simply stop working when a computer fails instead of make things old way at least for some time. Computers are here to make our lives easier to take away from us repetitive tasks and makes distances short, but not take from us our skill to solve problems and be creative. The attendant could simply write on a piece of paper, let me bring the water and later register on the system, but it against the protocol, I couldn’t do nothing.

Other thing that makes me angry is how easy is to blame computers for everything. How many times I had to wait for something because the system was offline. I heard more than once that was a system bug’s fault that everything went wrong, when actually the person was who input wrong data to begin with.

I’m a bit tired to work with Information Technology, I can’t say work with computers because computers are not the problem, most of my work is deal with people unhappy with computers, trying to make this stupid machine solve their problems. And most of then shouldn't exists since instead simplify the bureaucratic procedures, people delegate it to computers, and I have to “teach” computers to deal with humanity stupidity.

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