How to Write a Great Memoir

Memoirs are under the nonfictional genre and are facts or about someone’s life. They contain both private and public events that happened in someone’s lifetime. Unlike the reporting that is objective, where the writer tells their truth, it is subjective to what they feel. It seems sort of a reflection between whoever is telling the story and what or who they are talking about. Whether a memoir or not, any story is supposed to flow and take your readers to some great journey that will stay fresh in their minds. Here are some few tips on how to go about making the best memoir. You can visit website for further info.

First of all, you need to understand that this is not an autobiography and this means that you will not write about the whole life, but focus on some particular moment of specific chains of moments. You should go deep in that particular moment. The very fact that you are narrowing the life down to one particular moment means that you have to be creative and think bigger. The vivid details and the backstory of the memoir that you are writing are what will make it powerful because the readers will be in your shoes.

The truth is also very vital here and this means that the fabrications and the exaggerations should be out of the question. It will be as seen through your eyes and this means that you have to be sure that you are not bitter or write in a snarky style. The point is to share the experience and not seek forgiveness, justice or even put forth revenge. The language should be vivid because they are supposed to see it as you do., a good writer shows the readers not tell them. As a writer, you are supposed to call to mind some emotions within your reader’s mind and let them experience a story as if it is their own. This is done best by employing some fiction.

Last but not least, the journey should be an emotional one. Whether you choose to make them laugh hysterical, sadden them or even awe them, do the best that you can. Emotions make them turn the next page, wonder about it when they are done and even get the word out there because they just cannot get the story out of their minds. You are a writer above all, and your work should make some impact in whatever you wrote and leave the readers begging for more. There are sites and internet sources that you can get more on how to go about this that you should definitely check on too. Be better, be the best.

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